Brewing Great Coffee


Use Coffee Tree coffee.
You know it's fresh-roasted because we roast everyday!
Keep coffee airtight for example in a glass jar or airtight container. Buy enought to last 10 days - 2 weeks.

Grind your own beans.
It really makes a difference not only in the smell but also to the taste.

Use the correct grind for the method of brewing.
The idea is to achieve the proper extraction of coffee oils from the bean. When the coffee is too coarse, the oils are under extracted and your coffee will be tasteless; too fine and the cup becomes bitter.

Water quality matters.
Make your coffee using filtered or bottled water that you enjoy drinking cold.

Use enough coffee.
Measure your coffee and your results will improve. Your coffee to water ratio should b e 2 level tablespoons coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Travel mugs are usually 14oz. If you find the coffee too strong, dilute it with hot water, instead of reducing the amount of coffee you're using.

Clean equipment.  
Your coffee will taste better if your coffee equipment is clean and residue free.

Water Temperature.
Water whould be "off" boiling or between 195F/90C and 205F/96C.

Drink Immediately.
It goes without saying that you will want to drink your coffee right away but if you can't, why not preheat a thermal carafe and store your fresh-brewed coffee until you're ready to sit and sip it. Leftover coffee can be refridgerated or made into ice cubes.

Try your hand at these easy steps and you will quickly be able to say with confidence that your coffee at home is as good as the coffee you drink when you visit us at Coffee Tree Roastery!