Our Story

Founded in 1988, Coffee Tree Roastery is Toronto’s first on-site roastery and roasts ethically-sourced, quality coffee on an artisanal scale.  The backbone of our business has been a 3-cylinder Jabez Burns batch roaster producing 3 batches of coffee every 12-15 minutes.  Last fall we purchased a new artisan roaster called the SanFrancisco6 and have bumped our hourly capacity to 15-18lb.  The place still smells great!  You can witness the roasting most days when you stop by for your beans or espresso a go-go. 

Long before it was a popular movement, Coffee Tree sourced, purchased and roasted ethical coffees, the express purpose of which has been to 
(i) improve the livelihood of farmers, their communities and the land they rely on for the next generation to earn their living    and 
(ii) offer the freshest and highest quality coffee in the city by roasting our beans onsite and educating people about green coffee, its origins and the importance of freshness.   

Without a doubt we remain at the forefront of the Slow Coffee & Food Movement with our artisan approach to roasting, offering specialized custom roasting or roast-to-order of highly sought after luxury brands like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona coffees.  

Our passion is to meet you, earn your trust and respect and set you up with the right coffees to prepare at home or enjoy in the shop.

We believe small is beautiful.  It is this dedication to small and responsible artisan roasting that still sets us apart from the crowd. We roast everyday and you can taste it in every cup.

Our philosophy

Ethical Sourcing

  1. It goes without saying that the coffee must be of the highest quality. Independent 3rd party audit allows for the transparency we require to be assured that our coffee is socially, environmentally and economically responsible. The labels that you associate with fairness include Fairtrade, UTZ Certified, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Grower Direct Cooperatives.
  2. Many of our loose leaf teas fall under the Ethical Tea Partnership and many are also organic.


  1. We make an annual donation of 25 bedroll kits to Sleeping Children around the World, a non-denominational organization where 100% of the money reaches the children. www.SCAW.org
  2. For three days in early December the staff collect and donate their tips to the Assaulted Women’s Helpline. Coffee Tree matches all collected money; this year 2014, we raised $1076.00. If you read even a small amount about this topic, you will be stunned at the number of women that suffer all manner of abuse in our society. www.AWHL.org
  3. We support The Salvation Army with a generous annual Christmas donation. Kindness and daily action without judgment is key. www.SalvationArmy.org
  4. Last year we are added the Bruce Trail Conservancy to our donation list for land acquisition. The BT is in our backyard and promotes getting outdoors for your health and happiness. www.BruceTrail.org
  5. We support many local school fundraisers and promotions throughout the year.  We also sponsor the Swansea U-14 girls soccer team.


  1. We reduce, reuse and recycle on an ongoing basis through the city’s organic waste collection, blue box, cardboard and yellow bag programs. If you want spent coffee grounds for your garden or coffee sacks to wrap your roses in the fall, let us know.
  2. We also embrace energy conservation where we can and have replaced all our fridges over time with energy star appliances. Even our light bulbs and toilets are environmentally correct! We turn our lights off every night and keep the doors closed when the A/C is on.
  3. We support using biodegradable paper products including bio-cups and give you 15c off for bringing your own cup.

"...the best coffee in all Toronto!" -Brian D., Toronto

"The coffee at Coffee Tree is the best I’ve had – when I go on vacation I make sure to take some with me!" -Carolyn C., Toronto

"Definitely unique and to be valued." -Les B., Toronto

"Any neighbourhood would be lucky to have this yummy-smelling 20-year-old independent roastery and cafe as its social centre." -Toronto Life 08/09 Guide to Real Estate