“Stories of visits to Coffee Tree”

Congratulations on your 25th year hard to believe it was that long ago that I used to come in for my morning coffee and beg to plug in my briefcase sized cellular phone , which always needed to be charged in the morning .

In those days British Sarah was the smiling face behind the counter on the early shift ,I credit her for inventing the first Egg Bagel sandwich on Bloor West .or at least making it the best one.

We all got our Coffee education at the Coffee Tree ,I had never heard of a coffee tasting event before I went to one at the Coffee Tree ,and learned there were so many different roasts and types from all over the world.

On weekends we would come in for breakfast and sit around the counter in the front by the roaster, and  chat with whoever was doing the roasting , today its a bit faster pace at the roaster,

Thanks for all the great cups of coffee and the great memories.  -PT and AL

Author: Susan Bate

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