What makes a barista?

According to The Star, you may need to take a barista course to become a certified barista in the city.  Or you according to Vida Radovanovic who operates the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy muses “if you work in a shop, you are a barista – I don’t what other certification you need.”

In our early years, we offered coffee tastings of our fresh-roasted coffees.  Now the new independent coffee houses under the fall from grace of larger chains are  jumping on the band wagon to teach savvy customers the finer points of pulling espresso and preparing brewed coffee.  I think it’s great!  In 1988 when we opened we had a hard time giving espresso away it was such an unknown entity.  Thank goodness we’ve entered a period of enlightenment.

We are happy to enlighten you here at Coffee Tree Roastery without the hefty price tag attached to some of these pieces of paper that you receive upon completion of your course because we roast, cup and select a wide number of coffees on an ongoing basis. Our current specialty offerings now include an organic Ethiopian Limu “kaffa forest”, some award-winning honey process Costa Rica coffees, micro-lot estate Brazils and most recently a very beautiful Sumatra Blue Tawar.  We also just received this year’s grower-direct Nicaraguan.

We experiment too to find complementary taste profiles for filter, espresso and french press machines because they’re not all the same.  And we still offer roast to order at no additional price.  So, please drop by, Yelp us and ask away.  We love what we do.